Sunday, April 24, 2011

The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees...

This time of year in the natural world is downright sexy, isn't it?
The birds have been bonkers for a few weeks now, doing their mating dances, building nests, and hooking up on any branch or ledge that presents itself, even apparently mid-air on occasion. The fish congregate in wild group dances, thrashing and .... well, I'm sure they're just greeting their old friends after a long cold winter (uh huh). The bunnies are playing spirited games of "catch me" in the back yard, and lusty individuals of many species bellow and call, roam and search to relieve this craziness we gently call Spring Fever. Each morning I throw open the windows to the world's greatest singles' bar. The racket goes on all night long.
The plant world is having a party too. The amazing things plants do to lure in pollinators is enough to make a girl blush! It isn't so different than what the animals do, displaying colors and shapes that will draw the missing piece to their reproductive puzzle running (or flying) to them.
So in the Spring, I feel a little voyeuristic watching things unfold while at the same time loving the intriguing language of the plants.
I once wore a silk dress the exact shade of this wild mustard to an outdoor wedding. Within moments of arriving, it became clear that bugs of all sizes and shapes had designs on me, and nothing I did was going to deter them. Word to the wise - avoid this color for outdoor parties. Bonus points for silken finishes on the fabric.
Some people think I have "a dirty mind" but that really isn't altogether true. At least in my opinion. I think, "geez, people, look around!" Happy Spring, everyone!

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