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May/June 2011 The Essential Herbal Magazine

The newest issue is on the way to readers, so here's the teaser. It's got extra pages again, but I think this will be the last one for a while. The contents are amazing. We've got several fascinating crafts with full instructions. There are articles on the medicinal properties of a few different herbs, each with ways to prepare them for use as external applications as well as internally as medicines or as foods. There are great summer meal recipes, and there are articles on the experience of growing herbs in different ways. There is humor.
When it comes to a balance of information, this is probably one of my favorite issues in over 9 years. It is truly spectacular. Check it out!TABLE OF CONTENTS
Field Notes from the Editor
If you get the chance, teach.
Green Elder Ointment, Marci Tsohonis
We've often had recipes for the berries or blossoms of the elder, but this salve uses the leaves!
Butterbur: Little known Versatile Herb, Joe Smulevitz
A plant for migraine, allergies, and asthma with studies to back it up.
Composting Boot Camp, Marci Tsohonis
Marci and her husband gradually bring the neighbor into the composting camp.
Herb Notes, Rita Richardson
A page filled with tips, tricks, and treats using herbs all around the home.
Hemp Agrimony vs. Gravel Root, Cathy Walker
These cousins are sometimes difficult to tell apart, but we have our ways....
SouthRidge Treasures, Heartsease - Johnny Jump Up, Mary Ellen Wilcox
A sweet farmyard wildflower that is often overlooked, but useful in so many applications.
Growing Medicinal Herbs in the High Country, Kristie Nackord
I may have to put this article up on the blog soon because the pictures are so beautiful.
The Historic Herbal, Paints from Plants, Kathleen Setzer
An inspiring article that gets the creative juices running, using pigments from the garden!
The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 2, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz
Opening our shop at the renaissance faire, what we learned immediately, and what we learned the next winter.
Cool Summer Salads, Susan Evans
3 great salads for summer, featuring ingredients like orzo, grilled veggies, kale, berries, bacon, and cabbage.
Spring Renewal-Drawer Sachets, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Change the scent when you clean the rooms with these sachets.
Third Trimester: The Last Haul!, Betsy May
Exercises, massage oil, and flower essences for 3rd trimester (but can be used by anyone, anytime).
Nettle - More Than a Cup of Tea, Mary Lou Kersey
This nutritious and delicious herb is a favorite of many, and here are reasons and methods to use even more.
The Soap Pot, Introduction to Milk Soap, Alicia Grosso
Milk soap is challenging, but our soap expert Alicia walks us through it.
Herbs, Meet Life… Life, Meet Herbs, Michele Brown
Hectic spring life on an herb farm.
An Introduction to Muscle Testing, Part 2, Karen Mallinger
The completion of an explanation of self muscle testing.
Herbs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert
The herbs of Cancer are many in the lush early summer! A lovely potpourri recipe is included.
Go a Little Crazy with Oxeye Daisy- The Obvious Flower, Dianne Kidman
Next time you're in a field of daisies, you might want to gather some to take home.
Tea Dyed Silk Scarves, Jackie Johnson
I can see how this intro to plant dyeing will start a bunch of TEH readers on the road to a new obsession.
Louisiana Lagniappe, Shrimp Creole with Lemon Herbs, Sarah Liberta
Do you think lemon when you hear "Shrimp Creole"? Well, you will now!
In Praise of the Humble Dandelion, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger
How many ways can dandelions be used as food and medicine? It might be endless.
You Might Be an Herbie..., List
Our friend Marnie Plunkett asked the list to finish this sentence, and it ended up turning into a hilarious article.
Fresh Fruit Face Mask, Cindy Jones
It's summer. Wear some fruit!

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