Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The UP - Part 2, Plants

Considering that the purpose of the trip was to put together a shop, we did manage to ge outside quite a bit. Karen learned to brake fairly quickly as soon as she heard me gasp loudly, shriek, or just yell, "Stop! Stop! Stop!" I brought home some uva ursi, but it remains to be seen whether it will survive. It will reach 94 degrees later today, but last week in the UP it struggled to reach 60. My shorts and sandals didn't keep me very warm outside.
Here are some of the pictures I took. Not all of them are identified, and some of them I'm not certain about....
Lake Superior

There are drifts of wild forget-me-nots everywhere.

Marsh marigolds are in wet ditches along many of the roadways.

Baby horsetail grow next to a small mullein.

A small section of a very large colony of Jack-in-the-pulpit

*IF* these are the leaves of ladyslipper, Karen's woods have millions of them. I want to see pictures in a week or two. Karen? Are you listening?

This is uva ursi, or bearberry. It grows everywhere right along with wild blueberry, partridge berry, wintergreen, and wild strawberry. It is a berry berry place!

Tiny white trillium....

Tiny pink trillium....

Trailing arbutus climbed up the banks next to the dirt road....

Large yellow violet type flower, but the leaves are large and very fuzzy, pale green.

I do not know what this is, but have the distinct feeling that I should.
There were many, many more mystery plants. I suppose now I must go back someday in June when things are more identifiable.

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Karen Mallinger said...

Oh, I'm checking the "Lady Slipper patch" every day to see if anything has developed and you'll be the first to know! We've had non stop rain since you left. (God's Holy Mountain is crying!) So things should start to pop any day now. We had one day when the temps went down into the 20's at night and all the folks who "just couldn't wait" lost all their young plants. I don't even think about putting anything in the ground here until June 1. The boomer has plenty in it though! It's a great place to get a running start on the season. Until next time!!


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