Thursday, April 17, 2014

Old Herbs and Patent Medicines

Up until about a dozen years ago, I never really thought about these things.  I'd never seen the little boxes of herbs or the little packages of pills and oils.  It all started with a visit to a friend's house and seeing her collection.  That was it.  Now whenever I'm at a flea market or antique store, I have to look around. 
This past weekend, The Rosemary House was selling off a good portion of Bertha Reppert's collection, and I was all over that stuff!  Here's what I got (along with a few things I had before):
All of these packages are full.

American Saffron = Carthamus tinctorious (safflower), although true saffron is grown here in Lanc. PA

Bottle of Lydia Pinkham's Tonic.

Diverse, simple packages - all full.  Bet the orris is more fragrant than ever.

I love the turmeric tin, and the instructions inside the laxative box.  Lots of laxatives...

Helps are still available, but not in the tin.  The eye cup was my grandmother's.

I'm not sure what this was for, but the packaging sure made it look important.

And we thought Flintstones were the first candy-like vitamin...
It's pretty interesting to see these old things, and I'm looking forward to placing them behind the glass front on the shelves. 


Anonymous said...

Wow what a score! I love the packaging, Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing.

Rosemary said...

So fun to see the assortment of herbal treasures you found! Glad to know they are in a happy new home - and will be on display for many to enjoy.

Reifyn said...

I can't believe they got rid of these beautiful things. I'd love to see that Little Elf Turmeric tin in person: it's fantastic & worth the whole rest together. You've been very fortunate to get hold of such nice old things. I have a feeling the rubbish that's around today will never be considered old and beautiful in the ages to come.

Marjorie Reppert said...

Mom, Bertha P Reppert would be so happy to know that you appreciate her herbal collecting, her quote:
" to grow them is to know them. To know them is to use them. To use them is to love them, and then happily- herbs become your way of life." Thanks for your purchase. ALL proceeds have gone into The Bertha & Byron L. Reppert Scholarship fund. I can not say thanks enough for your support and keep on collecting. Marj. ( Bertha's 2nd daughter)

suzie said...


Marnie said...

I collect these too Tina! I was first introduced to them through a history of medicine in America course while an undergrad. Sometimes hubby finds really cool old snakeroot bottles and such on surveys. It is hard not to swipe the artifacts when he brings them home to clean.


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