Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter morning in the garden

It seemed fitting to see what has returned on this gorgeous morning.  Rebirth, renewal, and rejoicing all awaited my eyes that searched for a glimpse of what is to come.

Chickweed is everywhere and the tiny white blooms are bursting out to make sure that there will be more.

The chive patch is just getting started.  Walking close to it, I could smell - but not see - the peppermint.

The very first, very tiny leaves of comfrey rising out of the dried leaves of last year.  Hard to believe that this will soon be a huge plant with leaves over a foot long.

Mom's buttery yellow crocuses welcome those who come to the kitchen door.

Just last week, there was no sign of life on any of the gooseberries.  Looking good now!  I'm still waiting for the red currants to sprout leaves, but the black currants are budding up nicely.

Horehound - for the first time, this plant all but died back for the winter.  It usually stays pretty lively throughout and I worried that it was gone, but it is bouncing back to life.

The St John's wort had green leaves all winter long.  It is nestled under a big echinacea plant.  They'll probably fight it out for space this summer, but there is plenty of both, so that's okay.

I can never get a decent picture of the thyme.  It covers quite a large area and spreads further every year.

The valerian is waking up.  To the left, you can see some ground ivy and some chickweed. 

A sweet surprise!  Several scilla bulbs that I planted a few years ago sent up tiny flowers along the back of the garden.  It must have been a good year for bulbs, because the hyacinth beside the porch that has been a LONE hyacinth for 7 years divided itself into 7 this year.  I can see the spikes forming at the center of the leaves, too!

Soon our family will gather around the table.  There will be lots of laughter and story-telling before some will depart for the trip back to their far-away home.  The moments in the garden this morning, quiet except for the wind and the birds, brought the joy of spring to me.
May your day be filled with happiness.
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