Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wildflower Preserve (vs the pipeline)

The kids were all around today, so we took the opportunity to visit Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve.  As you look at the photos I took as we walked (and oh did I ever miss the drifts of bluebells, the squirrel corn, the dutchman's breeches, and a tiny bright yellow bloom that I'm certain is related to the other Dicentras), know that many are fighting to save this from being defiled by a high pressure pipeline that will not in any way benefit our area, or probably even the U.S.  It's hard to imagine taking this beauty so for granted.  Acres and acres packed with so many lovely and valuable wildflowers and herbs ... this is important. 
The trip there was also filled with vistas of these gorgeous plants, although not as many in one place. 
It was a beautiful day!

Tons of blue cohosh growing with bluebells and spring beauty all around.

The color is off on this, but these are blue phlox, and they are baby blue.

Part of a huge patch of VA bluebells.

We missed most (but not all) of the Dutchman's Breeches.  These are seedpods.

False Solomon's Seal - at home it is barely out of the ground, but 30 minutes south it is ready to bloom.

Hepatica - I don't know whether we missed the flowers or it didn't bloom yet, but the flowers are lovely.

Ragwort grows all along the creek running along the bottom of the gorge 50 or so feet below.

Solomon's seal also way ahead of the stuff in our woods at home.

Star of Jerusalem grows in large patches.

Nice lush toothwort

The trillium and bluebells went on for acres.

Close-up of the nodding trillium.

Stunning large white violets.

Wild columbine grows on the rock walls leading in.  It's the only place I've ever seen it.

Wild geranium is just beginning to bloom.  In a few days it will be breathtaking.
Spring beauty beside yellow violet.
There was also some putty root, lots and lots of wild ginger, a beautiful little white spray of flowers springing from a tiny rosette, wild bergamot, mayapple, and so much more.  The kids loved it and it was beautiful enough that Maryanne and I walked far longer than we'd normally do voluntarily.  I'm so glad we got there this year.  I hope it is still there next year.
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