Monday, May 18, 2015

Walkin' to work

At this time of year, most days end with my sister and me making 6 batches of soap, and then the next morning we cut and stack it.
This is my walk to work this morning:
Peaches forming

Spearmint lines part of the path

Wild yarrow is everywhere

We're going to have a bumper crop of bayberries this year!

White dog roses.  So fragrant

A single rose

Star shaped flowers popped up wild under the motherwort

Motherwort is only a few days away from blooming

Wild chamomile

plantain seed heads kissing in front of the chickweed

Serviceberries - the birds are already excited

Patches of red clover have been showing up unbidden

Chive blossoms

Native persimmon is looking good

I threw some iris roots under the elder.  They like it.

Lupine was in the wildflower seed mix last year, and will soon bloom.

Centaury - one of Mom's favorites, still comes back year after year.
Elder blossoms have started reaching for the sky

Lambsquarters are as common as plantain and chickweed here.

Not sure, but I think this is a locust tree in bloom.  Have to get a closer look.
Walking to work is a pretty sweet deal.

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Sheldon Sandbekkhaug said...

Walking to work sounds great for you: exercise and pleasant views!


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