Monday, August 24, 2015

Dreaming of Eyebright

Dreaming of Eyebright
 Molly Sams

A few weeks ago I had a dream where eyebright (Euphrasia) made an appearance. It was kind of odd to be honest. I have had dreams about herbs before but I usually have a reason. I have been studying them or working with them or I’ve grown certain affection for them. Eyebright showed up in the middle of an otherwise mundane dream and basically said, “Notice me, woman!” So I did. Afterward I asked my family and a few friends about the plant and I was surprised by what I learned.

For watery eyes during allergy season

Taking eyebright during allergy season can be great for irritated eyes. Drinking a cup of tea or taking as a tincture has been used for years and can be a tasty alternative to sniffling and wiping your eyes. Mixing it with chamomile can also be calming and a nice addition to the tea. Take it three times a day, once when you wake up, again when around what bothers your sinuses and afterward or at the end of your day.


Eyebright may be calming for any lung issues such as bronchitis or a sore throat. It is a wonderful way to get children to drink tea while they are under the weather because it is helpful and tasty. It also pairs well with elderberry syrup on waffles.

Other than that eyebright is a beautiful plant that has stunning delicate little flowers. I’m not quite sure why they showed up in my subconscious but I’m glad they did. I cannot wait to see what else it has to show me.

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Samantha said...

Nice article, thank you. I always love that eyebright's name pretty much sums up what it does.

The Herb lady said...

Thanks for the tip. I will have to add some to my chamomile tea. I have terrible sinus problems. Perhaps it will help.


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