Sunday, August 09, 2015

Early August on the Farm

Passionflower vine is going places.  The scent is intoxicating.

Flower seeds we scattered randomly have started to blossom everywhere.

The bayberry bushes are loaded!  There will be a fair amount of wax this year.

Spearmint grows up through one of the bayberries, and the blooms seem to come from within.

Hazelnuts are getting their tassels on.  The nuts are quite small compared to commercial filberts, but very tasty.

Get a load of these pears!

And the peaches!
The calendula patch is a little straggly.  The blooms are picked daily to be used in products.

Rose hips are turning bright red.

Heavy branches full of nearly ripe apples right outside the workshop door.

We might have to use some of them in the hard cider instructions included in the Sept/Oct issue.

Lots of grapes on the arbor.

Surprise re-bloom of the foxgloves!

Transplanted this spring, the foxglove is clearly thrilled with the new location.
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