Thursday, August 04, 2016

August '16 Specials

Every year, we feel like we are sprinting through our days, just trying to cover the basics and get everything done.  August hits and we get the Sept/Oct issue (you're going to LOVE it!) off to the printer, and ... suddenly there's a soft hush.  We have a little time to catch our breath.

We try to come up with some kind of special every year.  This is what we're offering until the end of August.

All of the downloadables at 40% off!
That's a great deal, and is some darn good reading until the next issue comes out.
For the books:
For the back issues:

Enter the words dog days in the promo code upon check out and be sure to use a good email address so that you'll get the download codes.  Thanks!


Wholegrain said...

Coupon code doesn't work. Too bad, I really wanted to get a few of the downloads.

Tina Sams said...

It has been working for everyone else. You might need to restart your device, but I even tested it myself. It will work through the 31st.


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