Friday, August 05, 2016

Fall '16 Classes at TEH Listed!

 We've gotten the class list pulled together and put up on the website for this coming fall.  There are a lot of different types of classes, but they all promise to be fun and full of information.
Each class will be held on a Saturday afternoon from 1 - 3 in the classroom around back at The Essential Herbal.
Pre-registration through the website is required.  If we don't have enough participation for a class on the Thursday prior to the class, we will cancel it.  Charges are not processed until the day of the class.

Enough of the business details!  Check out this list.  Between Maryanne, Molly and me, we've got a lot to share with you and it promises to be interesting and lively.  Come join us, and if you know someone who might also enjoy the classes - please share this post with them.

You can sign up here:
Healing Vinegars - Aug 20, 2016
In this class, we'll make both Fire Cider and 4 Thieves Vinegar, and talk about the ingredients and why they do what they do! Attendees will take 4 ounces of each along home with them, and the recipes and know-how to make a lot more for the winter.
Price:       $25.00

Make Incense - Aug 27, 2016
Learn to make loose incense blends to burn on charcoal blocks, as well as incense cones, using resins, fragrant wood, and herbs. We haven't taught this one in a long time - so this will be fun. Attendees should bring along a shallow box (like a shoebox) to transport the cones they'll be making back home. Recipes and instructions to take home too.
Price:       $25.00

Preserving Herbs - Sept 3, 2016
There are many different ways to keep herbs in good condition and we'll talk about a lot of them in this class. Dried blends, frozen in oil, steeped in alcohol or vinegar - there are a LOT of ways! How long do they last? How can their actions be preserved to last longer? What plants don't dry well? We'll answer your questions. Hand-outs.
Price:       $20.00

Herbs for Stress - Sept 10, 2016
Learning to help our bodies handle stress positively is one of the best things we can do to remain happy and healthy. There are many herbs (and foods) that can make this easier and in many cases they can be a simple addition to meals or teas. We'll talk about them! Recipes and samples go home with attendees. If anyone wants a passionflower vine, you can dig one at this time.
Price:    $25.00

Herbs for Winter Health - Sept 17, 2016
We'll talk about 10 or 12 herbs that will help keep your household healthier over the winter. Additionally we'll demonstrate and taste/sample many different ways to add them to your foods and drinks to incorporate them seamlessly. Handouts, recipes, and samples go home with attendees.
Price:       $25.00

Balms and Salves - Sept 24, 2016
Wouldn't you love to be able to make your own salves from the plants in your garden? Lipbalm for the long winter ahead? We'll show you all the ropes and teach you ways to fearlessly journey into the world of making these fabulous skin soothing medicines. Samples and recipes go home with attendees.
Price:       $25.00

Herbal Scrubs for Smooth Winter Skin - Oct 8, 2016
Learn how to make high-end spa worthy scrubs for yourself and for gifts. We'll make several different styles so that you can see the difference and take home samples to try. Lots of recipes.
Price:       $20.00

Blending Herbal Teas - Oct 15, 2016
Both Tina and Molly took to blending teas like ducks to water. Once you start putting plant materials together, it just becomes more and more fun. Learn which plants add sweetness, tartness, and depth. Then we'll talk about blending for specific purposes - like immunity, stuffiness, allergies, or better rest. Everyone will make a tea blend of their own. Handouts and sample.
Price:       $25.00

Syrups, Drops, and Elixirs - Oct 29, 2016
Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming winter, although all of these things are useful year-round. We'll make elderberry syrup, cough drops, and an elixir to keep happy and healthy in the winter. Attendees will take along all recipes (as well as additional hand-outs) and samples of everything we make.
Price:       $30.00

Distillation - Nov 5, 2016
Have you ever wondered exactly how essential oils are made? We'll step outside and harvest Concolor fir, load up the still, and distill it. While that is happening, we'll discuss the safe and responsible use of essential oils, and a little standard information. We'll talk about the uses and benefits of hydrosols. Hand-outs will include "recipes" for aromatherapy blends, and each attendee will take along some of the hydrosol we distill that day, bringing the holiday scent indoors.
Price:       $20.00

Herbal Gifts for the Holidays - Nov 12, 2016
We'll work on a lot of different items - sachets, potpourris, and tub teas for starters - and you'll take away the know-how to make all kinds of hostess gifts, small keepsakes, and thoughtful, useful delights (as well as a bit of what we make). Great hand-out with recipes, instructions, and even more ideas.
Price:       $25.00

I hope we get to see you!

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