Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mar/Apr '17 Essential Herbal

We had a great time putting this issue together.  Such fun and informative articles!  For some reason, we had the time to make most of the things inside, and enjoyed every minute of it.  We think you will too!  You can subscribe today on our website.  I expect to run out of this issue before May/June comes out, so don't wait too long.

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams   
     Before we get too busy planting, read about the new things happening with TEH.
About the Cover
     Debra Sturdevant is the artist of this issue's cover. 
A Peach of an Herb, Kristine Brown
     Did you know that peaches offer us good medicine in addition to deliciousness?  You will.  

Cheese Cookies with Herbs, Rita Richardson
     Elegant, tasty, and oh so versatile nibble.   
 Delights of Travel, Maryanne Schwartz   
     Can any of us visit a new part of the country (or world) and not be enchanted by the flora?
Making Your Own Deodorant, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
     We've already made and fallen in love with this recipe.   
Growing with Kathy, Propagation, Kathy Musser
     It's time to get those seeds started.   
List Article, That ONE Herb
     What would you choose if you could only have one?  

 Plant a Rainbow in Your Herb Garden, Julia Scheid
     We often overlook beauty when planting our medicinal gardens.   
Sage - Beyond Turkey, Jackie Johnson
     Read this, and you'll need more than one plant and several varieties!   
Salt Dough - Not Just for Christmas, Cathy Calfchild   
     A craft that can be used year round.

Graceful Solomon’s Seal, Ruth Davis   
     This beautiful woodland plant is well worth encouraging and propagating for its healing properties.

 Louisiana Lagniappe, Easiest Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sarah Liberta   
     Who doesn't need a quick and easy go-to recipe to wow guests?
The Beginning, Angela M. Dellutri
     We all have some story of how we were led to herbs.  This is Angela's.   
Chives, Sandy Michelsen   
     If you're not growing herbs now, you'll want some of these useful, carefree, and cheerful allium.
Urban Gardening, Molly Sams
     Sometimes the best intentions just aren't enough - but there's always next year.   
Carmelite Water, Susanna Reppert Brill   
     Try this traditional, historical recipe using the herb of the year!

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