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Cheese "Cookies" with Herbs

While we're busily working away on the May/June issue, here's a little taste of the current issue...

Cheese Cookies with Herbs

Rita Richardson

Need an easy, go to idea for drinks or cocktails that is tasty, simple to make, freezes well?
Why not try herbal cheese cookies. 
On the spur of the moment a friend asked me to bring a "nibble" for drinks before dinner, nothing too heavy. I trolled  the Internet for a minute or two and decided on making these ultra simple cheese cookies but I also planned to "herb them up" a bit for added flavor. 
Cheese Cookies with Herbs

1/4 cup melted butter
3/4 cup flour
1 cup shredded cheese
1 dried herb like thyme, rosemary
Press a leaf of parsley, snip of chives,a frond of fresh dill into cookie dough ball
Mix the butter, flour, cheese and thyme, if using.
Form into small balls and place on a cookie sheet.
Flatten slightly with a fork.

 Add the fresh herb if you are using them now.
Chill these for one hour then bake in preheated 400 oven 15-20 minutes.
Cool or serve warm or freeze and warm as needed.

Other herb suggestions-
Mix 1 t of dried thyme or dill into the dough
Roll balls in powdered sage or minced herbes de Provence
Dust dough balls with cayenne or smoked paprika
Roll balls in grated Parmesan cheese
Make a batch of these and store in the freezer, reheat in 400 oven five to seven minutes.
Nice to have on hand and a clever take on cheese and crackers.

Editor's Note:
I made these exactly as listed and they're great.  We're big soup eaters around here, and breaking one or two of these over the top of the bowl is wonderful!  Same goes with a good salad, and for a smaller family, making these and freezing them means that there's always some great cheesy garnish around.
I also *had* to play with the recipe, because I'm wired that way.  Adding one egg and a little more flour (1/4 c) turned these into something like a super cheesy oyster cracker.  I love them both!

( With Spring right around the corner, these might be interesting with additions like minced weeds - garlic mustard, dandelion petals, nettles, or anything interesting that catches your imagination! )

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