Monday, July 16, 2018


From the very beginning, we've paid extra postage in order to be informed by the post office if subscribers move.  In order to obtain that benefit, we also had to accept the part where any magazines returned as undeliverable for any reason cost about 2.5X the first class rate.  That is currently $4.02.  The returns always come in after the next mailing goes out, so that means $8.04.  Sometimes situations can bring in a third issue.  Since we profit a good bit less than 50% of the subscription price, I'm sure you can see how this has become untenable, and we have had to cancel subscriptions on occasion.  We can only ship it where it is ordered to go.  That's where our responsibility ends.

With the Sept/Oct issue, we will be ending that benefit.  Subscribers will be responsible for notifying us of a change of address.  If the customer does not receive magazines and we have been shipping to the provided address, we have no further liability.  Sometimes there are errors on our part, and we will gladly accept responsibility if that is the case.

So please.  Let us know when you move and notify us if you don't get a magazine.  Thank you.

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