Sunday, July 22, 2018

What's in those compilations?

We've had the three big books for quite a while now.

  In fact, it's getting to be time for another, but we have to work up the energy to put it together and rustle up the cash to print it.  In the meantime, I JUST figured out a way to share the indexes so you can see all the amazing content they hold.
The table of contents just don't do them justice.  To make these books, we completely deconstructed the magazines, then we repositioned all the information, creating meaningful chapters.  Monographs, medicine, teas, bath and body, and food, along with lore and history, make these books really wonderful.  So full of ideas for bringing herbs into your every day around the home.
Without further ado...

#1 Under the Sun
Our first compilation.  5 years (2002-2006) of Spring and Summer issues.

#2 By the Hearth
2002 - 2006 Fall and Winter issues

#3 Through the Seasons
In this case, we put all of the seasons together into over 400 pages of delight. 2007 -2011
Yes, the years on the cover are incorrect.

They are a great deal.  It's been said that the indexing alone is worth the money - just to be able to find things!  So have a look.  We're sure you'll be needing one, two - or for the very best deal, all three.

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