Monday, June 08, 2009

Alloway Creek Gardens and Herb Farm

Our most recent outing was this past Saturday - to the Alloway Creek Garden Faire. Barb and Roger Steele have thrown this great party for as many years as we've been doing herb festivals, and it's always been a good time. This year we had to bail on the Friday portion, as it was raining buckets. Below you'll see our full array of goods - jewelry, bath and body, balms, tinctures, teas, soaps, salt spa bars, sniffing jars, soap stones, books, incense, essential oils - we take some of everything. Maryanne is a much photographed person lately! She also hit the front page of the Columbia Register this week at our farmers market. I was in the picture too, but it was only unrecognizable parts of me. Sharon Magee's Herbal Pottery was there. Sharon is not on-line with her stuff, so let me just show you how spectacular her work is! You can request a pricelist at - just mention that I sent you :-). I believe she has a brochure she can send out.
One of my favorite flowers is delphinium. Unfortunately, it seems to be a favorite of the long-toothed rodents around here too. I have one out front that continues to attempt to grow, but is nibbled down the minute it appears to be winning. So... I will just have to be content taking a picture here and there of other people's delphs.
I loved the way this opportunistic jewelweed sprang up between the display shelves. Look how lush it is! The last few weeks of rain meant that the gardens had a lot of volunteer surprises in them. Barb and Roger are just mellow enough to realize that it wasn't worth the aggravation, and there were some beautiful scenes.
This is the area that all gardeners have, but we don't usually see... it is where we toss the clippings. Back behind this building there was a delightful motherwort colony, some celandine, a poke, some catnip, beebalm... it was pretty interesting!
Along the roadside, mullein gets to look pretty bedraggled. This specimen growing in the shade was simply beautiful.
We had a good time at the faire, and now it's time to start another week. The next issue should be delivered shortly, and it will be in the mail in a few days. Order between now and the 15th, and we'll throw in a 7th issue for the price of 6!


Patricia said...

Oh I wish I had been able to be there. The gardens must be gorgeous about now and even her hidden area is beautiful. Your display looks really nice and that pottery is great. Thanks for sharing your weekend.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

tansy said...

i love seeing others' herb gardens, especially when they are as wild as mine!

the pottery is beautiful. she needs to get her stuff online stat! said...

Tina & Maryanne:

your table is just lovely, your displays are so thoughtful .. a wonderful visual and very inviting .!

Janiece said...

I always love visiting your blog! The photos are always fantastic; I always wonder what camera you use to get such clarity.

I adore the pottery, am inspired to make lavender syrup, and now know I have mullein growing by the pond. A productive visit, indeed!

Tina Sams said...

Janiece - this camera, I LOVE. It is a simple one, HP Photosmart M547. Right around $100, but it takes such great pics.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

that pottery is just lovely -seems like a nice day trip!


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