Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Essential Herbal ~ Jul/Aug '09

Is it a new day at The Essential Herbal? It just might be! A clear-cut case of lemonade from lemons has brought about a new printer and a bunch of new printing options. One of the most visible? Color! We aren't certain whether it will be color for every issue yet, but at least some of the time it will be. Hop over to the website and subscribe if you haven't already. This magazine is awesome!
We can also offer some limited (and very reasonable) color advertising options for the back and inside front and back covers.
So anyhow, this cover is from Susan Hess. Taken through her kitchen window, we played with it a little bit to make it look like a water color. Here is the table of contents: Crossword Puzzle - Tools of the Trade, Tina Sams
Field Notes from the Editor
Horehound Cough Drops, Marty Webster
Composting with Worms, Karen Creel
The Global Herbal, Asia - Part Two, Marita A. Orr
Reading Your Weeds, Sue-Ryn Burns
Down on the Farm, Dog Days, Michele Brown and Pat Stewart
Candied Herbs, Kristine Brown
Sun Ripened Summer Splendor, Susan Snoddy
In Love with Lavender, Gale LaScala
Never Enough Thyme, It All Began in a Garden, Susanna Reppert Brill
Wormwood - An Excerpt, Susan Wittig Albert
Catching ZZZZ's, Susan Evans
SouthRidge Treasures, Using the Summer Harvest, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Apprenticing with Rosemary Gladstar - Part 2, Betsy May
The Soap Pot, Soap School, Alicia Grosso
Louisianna Lagniappe, Orange Bay Shortbread, Sarah Liberta
Llagic Acid, Cindy Jones
Backyard Herbal Tea Blends, Tina Sams
Genuine Connection Equals Effortless Marketing, Jenn Givler


tansy said...

lovely! i can't wait to see it!!

kristine brown

Laura said...

Just got my issue! LOVE the cover! But then I always do! :) It's VERY cool and artistic. I also love the field notes, how you cover these changing times which are also reflected in the herbal world. It's all connected anyway, and I love how people are realizing the importance of nurturing nature, especially in our own back yards. With the delightful recipes and stories, The Essential Herbal is a must! :)


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