Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Herb Businesses - A Wee Commercial Break

I apologize to those not conducting an herb business of some sort, but there is some pretty big news here at TEH and we need to get the word out. Just skip this entry if it doesn't interest you - and I promise something interesting later.
Contrary to the financial uncertainty in the US, herbs and their uses are an ever-growing interest for more and more people who want to play a more active role in growing and preparing meals for their families, learning herbal first aid to use at home, and just enjoying what grows in their midst. The Essential Herbal magazine is the perfect place to advertise if these are the people you'd like to reach. Our pages are filled with the very favorite methods, recipes, and remedies of our readers. They are part of the magazine, making it precisely what it is.
With our current issue (Jul/Aug '09) we have gone to a color cover. This enables us to offer a few pages of VERY reasonable color advertising. We will not be cutting the pages up, although we would be very happy to include group ads that are put together by your group.
We have 2/3rds of the outside back cover available, as well as the inside back and front covers. Any of these options are available for $400. No bleed, full pages = 7.5 x 10, while the outside back is 7.5w x 6.25h. You can check out our demographics here: advertising info, although we will soon need to up the number of copies that are printed for each issue, including the issues we already print extras of for inclusion in herbal and soap symposium goodie bags, etc.
And if you are an herb business with zero money left over to advertise, we know that feeling too. In that case, we invite you to submit a recipe, article or craft instruction to the magazine. We'll give you credit and include contact information!

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