Thursday, March 18, 2010

an hour in the garden

At this time of the year it is fairly pointless to do too much in the garden. Right now with the windows open, it is a warm, sunny 76 degrees inside the house. Outside the sun is warm and there is a nice breeze. So how could I NOT poke around out there?
So now I have my first dirt of the year under my fingernails.
The thyme is ecstatic, throwing out new growth, and the (blasted) mountain mint is seeking to take over the path. That I can do something about right now. Chamomile has also attempted a hostile takeover in the area where the chives generally have control. The gooseberries have the tiniest of leaves popping out between the thorns, and the blueberries... well, since they were surrounded by several feet of snow, as that snow melted the bunnies munched them down. They'll bush out soon.
I plopped down in the middle of the one pathway, and set about some minor, pointless weeding. Eventually, it will get serious, but right now the weeds haven't gotten big enough to crowd each other or to be big enough to get a grip on. As I cleared a nice patch several feet around, I started to notice something that had me giggling as I sat watching - it was the first time witnessing this event...
The worms! They started coming out of the ground by the score, and appeared to be playing like dolphins! As little bits of weeds were pulled, instead of heading in the opposite direction they seemed to be drawn to the action! I think we might have been playing together.
There will probably be lots of frigid days ahead before we can finally get down to gardening, but for today... it felt great.


Flowers said...

Finally, a resolution I love and really want to keep. Good article.

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

soapbox wisdom said...

I miss the commune in early spring

Tina Sams said...

the commune misses you too, baby! I was in the woods the other day, and kept thinking about how much fun it was last year with you :-( Maybe we can hit it next weekend.


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