Wednesday, March 24, 2010

too much new

It has been an interesting week. I was not aware of how deeply ingrained some of my work habits are until late last week I noticed the old desktop laboring away over the simplest file save. Opening an email was a Herculean effort too. So before shutting down for the night, the backup was checked, and a few critical data files emailed to myself... and sure enough the next morning the computer was dead. Died peacefully while I slept. Sniff...
Back in November, my brother gifted me with a laptop. It has been a nice toy. Now it is pressed into service and I am quickly learning Win 7, which is only vaguely different. At the same time, I decided to cut the decade-plus addiction to AOL. As one of the remaining 2 0r 3 hundred remaining paid users, it was time for us to break up. I admit to feeling a little queasy about all of this.Oh - and I have a new camera too. The old one still works in case I can't stand anymore change, but learning is good. Just not so much at once and not so...under the gun! Fortunately the magazine was completed the day before the crash :-)
Heh - Blogger just posted this before I was finished.... life on the edge is tough.
This morning I walked in the woods. Let's see if some of the pictures can be posted here...
Walking down to the woods, there were daffodils blooming next to the pond. The deep blue sky and the reflection on the pond was perfect. Nearby a woodpecker was giving a tree what-for.
Looking up towards the sky, the trees are all bursting out with buds of various sizes, shapes, and colors - some flowers and some just leaves. Occasionally someone (ok - the sycamores) still has a few of last autumn's decor.
The star magnolias beside the pond are ready to go crazy.Along the creek a box turtle met a sad fate. It is rare to see them here at all, and even rarer to see the whole, undamaged shell. When we lived in VA, the dog loved turtle meat more than just about anything, and since they were so plentiful. she ate well. Here they are much less common.
It seems like gradually things will start to make sense to me. Resisting change is probably normal for most - and apparently I am part of "the most".
Oh well.


PeggyR said...

Ah a great walk you had! I think my husband and I need to explore the metroparks again since they are not all that far from us!

SierraSnowSoaps said...

Our daffodils are JUST coming up! I can't wait. And the forsythia is budding. We have to go to Calif. the beginning of April, I hope to stop at Daffodil Hill in Volcano. The people have been planting 6000 new bulbs a year for 20 years and there are over 300,000 now. Quite a site. April may be to late, hope not!
Michelle in NV
I love turtles.


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