Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Ideas from The Essential Herbal

Yesterday I sent an email reminder to some people who haven't renewed their subscriptions (imagine!), and included some fun spring-y things to make.
Got to thinking - that's blogworthy :-)
So here they are....

As we look forward to spring here on the hill, there are some great herbal ideas

Herb Garden Dip
We made this dip for a bus tour last year and did not write down the herbs as we snipped. Everyone wanted the recipe! The good news is, there isn't a real recipe.
Snip a combination of herbs to equal 2 Tablespoons.
They could be:
(you get the idea!)
Chop well, and blend with
1 C mayo (or substitute yogurt if desired) and 1 C sour cream. Mix well and allow to sit in the
fridge for at least an hour. I really like to add about 1 teaspoon of caraway seeds to the mix, too.


Carpet/Vacuum Freshener
Since the growing season is upon us, you can be a little less worried about running out of your fragrant dried herbs. At this time of the year, I love to sprinkle them onto the carpet before vacuuming. Try:
Lemon Verbena
Rose Geraniumor
It freshens up the whole house!


Apres Gardening Tub Tea
This blend can really help to rejuvenate and get rid of the itchies after a great day in the garden.

1 part dried mint (I like peppermint)
1 part dried eucalyptus
1 part dried rosemary
1 part dried tarragon
1 part dried comfrey leaf
1/2 part oatmeal
Blend together and put about 1/2 cup into a coffee filter. Tie
shut. Put the herb filled filter into a heat resistant
pitcher, and fill the pitcher with very hot water. Allow that
to steep while drawing a bath, and add it to the bath just
prior to stepping in.
If you prefer to use fresh herbs, just use it all for the bath or dry the leftovers appropriately.

If you've enjoyed these herbal ideas, consider a subscription to The Essential Herbal. The Mar/Apr issue is full of wonderful information, recipes, and crafts!
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PeggyR said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes!

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Oh boy I just got my magazine in the mail! Lots of good reading.
Michelle in NV

Rosemary said...

Great spring-themed ideas! Excellent magazine! Loved the dip recipe.. it's no-fail! However, I think I would have to skip the caraway seed suggestion, and perhaps add a touch of garlic salt/powder.


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