Friday, October 22, 2010

bracelet prize for pre-release drawing

I changed my mind on the bracelet prize when I laid eyes on "Winter White." It's so much fun gathering prizes for the pre-release of By the Hearth :-). The glass beads are lampworked by Maryanne Schwartz of Torchsong Studio, with rich shades of fall and winter, highlighted with speckles of silver glass. She strung them with black crystals and silver accent beads, and hand wrought Sterling silver closures. Perfect to celebrate the release of By the Hearth!
Order by November 7th to have your name in the drawing for this beautiful piece of handmade jewelry!

1 comment:

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Oh dear, that bracelet is stunning, but I love the bowl, and the subscription sounds wonderful...but best of all I get 2 wonderful books! Yippeeee.
Michelle in NV
And I put in my new address so I know I will get them!


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