Wednesday, November 03, 2010

But what's INSIDE By the Hearth?

Sure, sure... it's easy for me to say, "Oh it's a great book, filled with the best parts of 5 years of fall and winter issues from the early days." I can tell you how many pages (245) there are and show you the cover, but unless you see the many columns of tiny printed indexing, that doesn't say much if you aren't a reader of The Essential Herbal magazine, does it?
So a smattering of listings from that index includes:
*handmade gift ideas and holiday decor
*Valentine's day treats
*nourishing and delicious soups
*spice clay mix
*how to make mead
*several chai recipes
*several mulling mix recipes
*using the herbal harvest
*many, many tea recipes (medicinal and pleasure)
*tub tea recipes (at least a dozen)
*jellies and jams from herbs and fruits
*herb butters
*cold and flu remedies
*dealing with stress and depression
*various holiday celebrations
*drying herbs
*seed starting
*herb vinegars
*face cream, scrub, steams
*culinary herb blends
*herb infused oils
*herbed honeys, salts, sugars
*lavender everything
*weeds as medicine and food
And that is really just a small sampling of what is inside. There are articles on specific herbs, how to use them, how to enjoy them, and on and on and on. More than anything, you'll find how easy it is for you to make all of these things yourself, and be empowered to keep your family healthy and happy using the plants that grow around you.
There are still a few days left before the pre-release special is over, and prizes continue to pile up in the kitchen beside the crate of flat-rate envelopes waiting to be stuffed. We're adding a prize of three handmade soaps for one lucky winner - One each of Bayberry (made with our own bayberry wax), Rosemary (swirled with powdered rosemary), and Mahogany Rose (real rose oil, hydrosol, and rich cream - a special one-time-only soap we made for the pure extravagance). Order before November 9th to save 20% off the cover price!


Rosemary said...

It's what's on the inside that counts!

Anne-Marie said...

This is quite the list. Sounds like you have a wealth of useful herb information under your belt!

Tina Sams said...

lol - it took us so long to get this finished, that now we're starting our 10th year and will soon have second 5 years of wonderfulness.

Nancy said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome magazine! I love learning about herbal medicine.

keeralynn said...

I'm am new to the herbal world and this is something it sounds like I need!


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