Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting back to normal

Whew! Things are starting to settle back to our normal craziness around here as we finish shipping out the pre-release and begin on the Jan/Feb '11 issue of The Essential Herbal. It's been a wild ride, and a HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who helped us make the release go so well.
Yesterday I took a long anticipated walk around outside, just to see what I could see. Each season has so much beauty, even if sometimes it requires a closer look. Knowing it would rain today, I took quite a few pictures to share. Have a look and enjoy.
Several wild plants are putting out new growth. The catnip is one that always has an autumn push here.Cones on the trees are few and far between. It is quite noticeable considering that a conifer farm is my back yard.Dock seeds grew up through a tree.The very last remaining elderberries...Seedhead on the oregano...Passionflower vine is done for the year...Tips of the trees have a lot going on...Standing under the maple, looking out over the sleepy garden border...This witch hazel is nearly 5 years old. Every year until now the groundhogs have snapped it off at the base. The root system is intact and one day it will take off...We'll be starting a holiday gift series in a couple of days, so consider this "intermission".


PeggyR said...

Love your pictures. The book is wonderful and thanks for the sample of tea!

Tina Sams said...

Thanks Peggy! Glad you're enjoying it :-)

Reggie said...

Beautiful; both your essay and the pictures. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Herbs online said...

I love your pictures. You mention that groundhogs snap the witch hazel at the base each year. As one who lives on the other side of the world (Western Australia) could you tell me if they eat it, or are just being destructive? All I know about groundhogs is from the film "Groundhog day".
We are just moving into summer and are due for a greater than 100 degree Fahrenheith day today (mid Nov). it is wrecking havoc with my garden.

Dried Herbs Co. said...

Loving the fall pictures. Things are pretty much going the same around here. Just winding down for the year and preparing for the next growing season (yes, we're preparing already...groundworks and whatnot).

I've just stumbled across your blog. Where are you based?

Ben @ the Dried Herb Co.

Tina Sams said...

to Herbs Online: The groundhogs are very destructive. They eat just about any intentionally planted thing. A single groundhog can pull down a whole row of corn, nibbling on each ear, during a night. They also dig hug burrows under porches and next to houses. I loathe them.

Tina Sams said...

To Dried Herbs Co: The magazine is based in Lancaster County PA.

Anglesey Herbs - Dried Herbs Co. said...

I've just been back to your blog for the third time in 5 days (this is unusual for me). I've found some really interesting posts.
My dried herb supplier (Anglesey Herbs), the lady that runs the company wants to set up her own herb blog to keep in touch with her customers. I'll forward your link to her so she can have a good read.

Keep up the good writing Tina! I'm enjoying what I'm reading :)


petermanbrookherbfarm said...

I will have to chime in with the rest here. You write a nice, friendly blog. I, too, love the pictures and enjoy walking the yard just to see what the plants have to say.


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