Monday, December 15, 2014

January/February '15 Essential Herbal Magazine

Hot off the presses!!!
Got back from a breakfast meeting with some herb women to find boxes of the new issue had arrived while I was gone.  Without further ado, I present the cover and table of contents of the Jan/Feb '15 Essential Herbal (and so begins our 14th year)...
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Field Notes, Tina Sams
How do we absorb herbal knowledge?
About the Cover
Announcing our 2015 cover artist—Carey Adler Jung!
The Healing Mists, Liz Henle
Rediscover an ancient women’s healing ritual.
Winter Moisturizing, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Make these softening and moisturizing skin delights.
Through the Looking Glass, Susanna Reppert Brill
A glimpse into the life of Fairy Artist, Cicely Mary Barker. First in a new series!
What Will You Do This Winter? List Article
We asked the Yahoo! group what they are looking forward to in the quiet of winter.
Making Time, Rachel Johnston
The things you love most often fall to the end of the list. Shouldn’t they come first?
Matcha Tea, Jackie Johnson
Revered for thousands of years, this powdered tea deserves a place in your cup.
Dried Flower Candle Decals, Maryanne Schwartz
Turn a plain pillar candle into a work of art, or make a wax hurricane lamp.
Creativitea, Molly Sams
So many herbs to try!
Elders & Herbs: People, Pets & Herbs, Janice Masters
Companion animals benefit from the food as medicine adage, with a sprinkling of herbs.
2015 Herbs in the Spotlight, Tina Sams
This year, Savory and Common Dittany have been chosen for study.
TMJ, Adrian White
Herbal help for Temporalmandibular Joint Disorder.
Herbal Crafting with Kids, Sharlene Young-Bolen
Fun projects for kids.
Balsam Poplar (Cottonwood) Soap, Marci Tsohonis
Oil infused with Cottonwood buds is the base for this luxury bar.
Interesting Folk Remedies for Cold and Flu, Sandy Michelsen
A collection of ways to ease those winter bugs, including chicken soup.
Excerpts from Granny’s Remedy Book, Susan Hess
19th century Pennsylvania cough remedies, many (or variations) still in common use.
3 Categories of Skin Issues, Jamie Jackson
So you say you have a rash, eh?
Scents from the Still Room, Catherine Love
Refreshing the scent of home in the middle of winter.
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