Monday, December 29, 2014

New Subscription Option!

We don't make a lot of changes to subscriptions around here.  About 10 years ago we had our last price increase, and 2 years ago we added PDF subscriptions.
When we added the PDFs, we got a lot of requests for a print/pdf combo (with a discount), but we weren't ready to take on the additional record keeping - wanting to be sure we had the second option under control, first. Now we're ready to offer the combination!

This option is available only in the US an Canada because we only ship printed copies within those countries.

The US combo is $36 ($24 + $12)
The Canadian combo is $45 ($33 + $12)
The pdf version is half priced as part of the combination.

If you are already a subscriber and would like to start taking advantage of this right now, you can renew early (choosing this option) and we will give you the pdf for the remainder of your current subscription free through the month of January.  The Jan/Feb issue download comes along when you place the order.

I know it took us a while, but we wanted to be sure that we could handle the additional paperwork.

To order, visit
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