Friday, May 13, 2016

Landis Valley: The Deluge Edition


As many of you know we love heading down to Landis Valley every year as vendors. It is always a wonderful time where we reunite with old friends, catch-up, and make some new friends along the way. This year was no different. We were able to see everyone from last year and then some. Our reunion, however, could have used a bigger boat.
Maryanne found these cool CAYENNE sunglassees, and they were great because it looked so might brighter when she took them OFF.
 On Friday we were welcomed to a massive amount of rain and Susanna from The Rosemary House warmly welcoming us with her rendition of Singing in the Rain. We laughed, we pitched the tent, and we were ready. At nine everyone started flooding (all pun intended) through the gates for their plants. Everyone was pleasant and sweet just like any other sunny first day of Landis Valley. We could not believe how nice everyone was and how they were still excited to see old friends, flora and fauna.
Remember, there were very few moments that didn't include active rain.  These people are dedicated and intrepid!
Saturday was much more cooperative weather wise. We were able to get out and see other vendors and try the local cuisine (AKA Rachel’s Creperie and the new cupcake place). It was awesome. We started with several different crepes from Rachel’s like their Thai Chicken and The Capri, which were amazing. And then we had herbie-flavored cupcakes like lemon basil and lavender chocolate. It was a wonderful day.
Sharing a few shot we have of the end of the day. We hope to see you there next year!

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