Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Herbal Pharmacy – The Art of Herbal Medicine Making (review)

Herbal Pharmacy – The Art of Herbal Medicine Making
written by Gail Faith Edwards
available HERE

 I have always liked Gail Faith Edwards, and want to put that out there from the git-go.  It’s rare, but every so often someone comes along who manages to retain and combine the wonder of childhood, the optimism of the teen years, the strength and humor of motherhood, and the wisdom of mature adulthood.  This combination makes the very best story-teller, leaving us spellbound with their words.  This is a description of Gail.
 Long ago during various moves, I lost my copy of Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs.  With that book, Gail started an herbal movement, waking up a whole segment of us to how we wanted to approach herbal knowledge and plants in general.  It had gone out of print, and although there have been a couple of other books from the author, her voice and gentle guidance need to be out there on the subjects covered in this book. This series is an improved revision of that book from the mid-90's. She teaches us how to find our allies and how to treat the plant world with reverence. 
Herbal Pharmacy is volume 1 in the Wild Heart Wisdom Series.  In it, we learn how to make all of the herbal preparations we need to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and happy, but we learn much more.  When is the best time to harvest?  What part of the plant?  Baths, essences, balms, or spirit based medicine (I love that name!) are all included, and much, much more. 
If you are beginning with herbs and looking for clear instruction on a variety of topics, this is your book.  If you're intermediate and want to brush up on some things, you'd enjoy this book.  As an expert, you'd like it for the spiritual connection that Gail makes with the herbs.  Go ahead, you won't regret it.
The next volume will be the Materia medica.  I’m looking forward to that, too.

All photos in this post were brazenly stolen from Gail's facebook page.

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