Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Our First Year At The Midwest Herbal Conference

From Molly Sams - a visual tour.

Yesterday we got home from the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. It was wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, and absolutely fascinating. There was so much to see, so much to learn, and I was thrilled to be invited. Here are a few things we saw along the way.

So right after we crossed the border to Wisconsin we saw a sign for the Rotary Botanical Gardens. I made a hard right and we were pleasantly surprised with what we found.

A small sampling of their natives.

Each bench had a beautiful quote. I thought, "well this would be neat in my garden..."

I had yet to see a full size zen garden. I am incredibly proud to say I did not run through it.

Did I mention the views were amazing?
Once we saw every square inch of the gardens it was time to head to base camp for a wonderful night's rest and a whirlwind of fun in the morning. I met women who had known of my mother for years and felt as though they watched me grow up. I learned more about herbs in one weekend than I ever expected. Here are a few snap shots I got during Kristine Brown's weed walk.

Our first class was a weed walk with Kristine Brown ( It was fun, educational, and I was so happy to finally meet the woman my mother had told me about for years.
One of my attempts at drawing.

And that is an incredibly small taste of how our trip went. I could not capture in words or photos how absolutely wonderful it was to be there. We laughed, we cried, we danced, and we learned. During this weekend I learned how incredibly lucky I am to have this as my career. I am constantly learning, growing, and supported at all times. What more could you want?

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