Monday, April 25, 2016

A Bit of a Runaround

by Molly Sams

Today was a pretty special day for me. It has been one year since I met my partner in mayhem. We decided to celebrate as I guess many kids do by going on a hike. We went to my favorite hiking spot - Chickies Rock. Unlike other times however we went on a path we had never seen before. Now, this trail is not one I would suggest. I'm pretty much covered in scraps and the boy passed out as soon as we got home. But the memories we have and the pictures I risked life and limb to capture make it all worth it.

Spring Beauties!

Some pretty fungi. Lots of garlic mustard, already in bloom.

We climbed up the rock face.

Is that trillium I see?! Or Jack?
I guess we'll have to come back to see them in bloom.


Jack in the pulpit, and maybe toothwort at the base, next to tiny jewelweed.

Hey Jack! 
Massive Skink Cabbage
The brave young man checking the drain for trolls.

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