Tuesday, April 12, 2016

May/June '16 Issue, The Essential Herbal Magazine

This issue is ground breaking for us.  After over 14 years, the interior pages now have color illustrations!  As I mention in the Field Notes of the new issue, we upped the price of the magazine for the first time in about 10 years in January.  I was starting to envision a small raise... and then a friend in the printing industry contacted me.  He made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and instead of a raise, we all get some color and an upgrade in the paper texture!  We are thrilled with the results, and believe you will be too.
In addition to Carey Jung's amazing covers, Debra Sturdevant has been sending stunning interior artwork and we're so happy to be able to print it in color!  Kristine Brown also sent some of her work, and I hope to see more of that!  So now, we have all this great herbal information AND these incredibly creative people are also illustrating their own writing.  How wonderful is that???  Maryanne Schwartz drew the saber-toothed tiger chasing the cavewoman in this issue (to illustrate another article), but I don't think she was given credit anywhere.
Here's what's inside:

Field Notes
     Big, beautiful changes here at TEH.   
About the Cover
     Carey's inspiration, along with some info on the other original artwork in the magazine.
Misophonia & Me: Dealing with Misophonia Using Herbs, Molly Sams
     Do the sounds other people make (breathing, chewing, humming, etc.) drive you batty?  This is for you.   
Shenk’s Ferry or is that Fairy? Maryanne Schwartz
     A glimpse of one of PA's most diverse wildflower preserves.   
Sweet Woodruff, Rita Richardson
     Pretty enough to grow just for looks, there are many other reasons.   
Holistic Stress Relief, Jackie Johnson
     Tons of de-stressors that can be used by just about everyone.   
Eleuthero:The Idea Adaptogen, Joe Smulevitz
     Siberian Ginseng has been more thoroughly tested than any other adaptogen - and earns an A.   
No Bake Strawberry Basil Cheescake, Melanie Underwood
     Serve up some summertime with delight!   
Herbs for Grief, Suzan Tobias Scholl
     No two people will experience grief the same way, but there are herbal helpers for all of us.   
Burdock, Not Just a Weed, Carol Ann Harlos
     Have you tried Gobo?  That's just one of the names from around the world that this root vegetable goes by.   
21 Days to A Tea Habit, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh   
     You will find something here to like!
Plentiful Plantain, Kristine Brown
     This generous plant is just about knocking at my door!  We will take that as an invitation to invite him in and put on the kettle.   
The Spiral Herb Garden, Debra Sturdevant   
     Great illustrated instructions for building this garden. 
Garden Grit, Marci Tsohonis
     Spring hands show signs of their time in the garden.  This soap can help.   
How to Identify, Harvest, Prepare & Use Usnea, Morgan Visser
     Tincture...tea...powder...oil...?  You're going to be lichen this!   
Wildcrafting & Processing Herbs, Sandy Michelsen   
     Some tips and timely advice.

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