Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TEH Goes To The White House

by Molly Sams
This weekend I went down to DC with a few friends to walk the 2016 National Walk for Epilepsy. It was a three mile course and was full of stunning landmarks, monuments, and of course some of the most wonderful people I had ever met. Afterward we all decided to do a bit of site seeing. First was the Washington Monument since it was well, right in front of us. Then we made it down to the White House. Now I had never seen the White House in person before so I was thrilled. I was shocked that I was starstruck by a building most people drive by everyday. I couldn't get over what had occurred in there and what I was sure was occurring in the building that day. After ogling for quite some time we decided to rest and sit on a bench. Just as we began getting comfortable a impeccably dressed couple came up to us. They had planned to go on the garden tour but decided they did not want to wait in line.

In a twist of fate, as soon as we stepped into line it moved almost immediately. Here is a peek of what we saw.

The entrance was a beautiful crimson red.

Tulips were literally EVERYWHERE!

Yes, that's right. I got to see one of Obama's dogs. It was great!

This was the entrance to the First Lady's kitchen garden.  

While it is still growing there is already more lettuce in their garden than in my entire diet.

Seriously. I think during this time of year there are more tulips than people in DC.

And I wanted them all.


Rosemary said...

How fortuitous to be given tickets to the garden tour! Love seeing the Kitchen Garden and the amazing assortment of tulips. Beautiful! Welcome Spring!

IrisWeaver said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing.I especially like seeing the raised beds.


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