Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Book Pre-Sale Drawing - Torchsong Studio

Over five years in the making, "Through the Seasons" gives you a full 5 years (2008 through 2012) of The Essential Herbal magazine carefully crafted into meaningful chapters and painstakingly indexed for the price of just 2 years.  Over 400 pages filled with information, remedies, and recipes that you can put into use immediately.  From novice to seasoned herbalist, you'll find a fascinating melange of writings from a wide variety of writers.
We're having a pre-sale until November 10th.  During this time, we're offering free shipping (US only), a discount on the pdf version, a free herbal word puzzle book to be downloaded, AND each book purchased is also an entry into a drawing for wonderful prizes that we'll be individually showcasing daily through the month of October, for one BIG drawing on November 10.  Books will ship before November 15.  Order yours today! www.essentialherbal.com/item/PRESALE-SPECIAL---2nd-Five-Years---Free-Shipping-534

Today's preview:

Autumnal earrings from Torchsong Studio
Bronzed Peach
These golden-hued peach leaves were a perfect match paired with the bronze beads that make up the blossoms that grow with them.  Sterling silver ear wires.
2" long.
Can't wait for the drawing or don't want to risk it?  You can get them now at:  Torchsongstudio.com

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