Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Winged Seed

We're celebrating  here today.  Just sent the "Through the Seasons" file off to print, and were assured that there would be no problem delivering within our time frame.  LOVE our local printing company. We wound up with a 10 page (3 columns, 8 pt) index!  You won't believe how much is in this book.  We're very proud of it.  Get your copy at
The pre-ordering sale will continue until November 10.

Here is today's preview of one of the prizes that all those pre-ordering the book will be in the running for:

The CALMA™ Eye Pillow is therapeutically weighted to calm and soothe eyes, reduce headaches and promote rest and sleep. Filled with flax seed that is pre-infused with our Calma™ Essential Oil Synergy, it is aromatherapy at its best. Comes in a reusable container for storing your eye pillow when not in use to preserve the intensity of the aromatic synergy. It also comes with a refill vial of CALMA™ Essential Oil Synergy and directions to refresh and revive the scented flax seed. Each is made from sturdy, but soft 100% cotton, featuring a lovely flower pattern representing one of our state flowers, with a head strap to keep secure throughout the night.
Can't wait and want it today?  Order it from

Details of the benefits of pre-ordering are on our website.

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