Friday, October 17, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Green Spiral Herbs

 Our November 10th drawing is going to be a lot of fun!
Get your copy of "Through the Seasons" pre-ordered today.  It's a truly amazing book with 100's of articles, recipes, medicine, and wisdom from five years of the magazine (2008 - 2012)  Buy Here

Today's prize preview comes from Green Spiral Herbs
Silky Hand Creme

 From the website:
This crème will leave your hands feeling like butter!   Our organically grown rose petals and calendula are infused into oil and whipped with mango butter for the ultimate skin softening and calming effects.  A hint of patchouli, along with the roses, provides a heavenly scent.
Need it today?  Visit 

And why do you want to pre-order the book by Nov 10?

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