Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre Order Prize Preview - Times Three!

We're almost done with the prizes, and I'm going to be putting several together today.  Possibly tomorrow too :-)  Very soon, we'll be back to our normal lives, posting informative things.  We're looking forward to that too.
This is our version of crowd-funding, in case you've been wondering.  Although we've been around for a long time, we're still a very small family business, and getting a huge book like this printed is a major deal for us.  We gritted our teeth, crossed our fingers, and announced that we'd be doing it, hoping we'd be able to sell and pay for them before delivery, when the bill comes due.  So that's why I (that's me, personally, Tina) have been so annoying this month.  We're very proud of this book, and the deal that we're offering is great, so get your copy before Nov. 10th.

Today's prize previews:

First we have another prize from The Backyard Patch

A set of our new Salt-free dressing mixes.  We have 5 different mixes we will package as a set with recipes for additional uses.
Need them right now?  You can order them HERE

Next up, Lee's Teas
A miraculous marriage of Lees Teas All Natural Chocolate and Organic Herbal Peppermint teas - a truly invigorating pick-me-up treat Materials: organic peppermint, organic black tea, cacao nibs, cocoa shells, chocolate chips.  One ounce, 15-20 servings
Need it now?  Order it HERE

Lastly (today), another set of soaps:

3 Celtic Knot molded soaps.  One of a kind, because I pour them at the end of batches, so they are usually layered.  You can't order these - we made them just for the drawing.

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