Monday, October 20, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Ravenwood Gardens

Believe it or not, we're still putting the finishing touches on the "Through the Seeasons" book.  Our printer is tapping his foot, I'm certain.  Thank goodness, we have one of the best!  They rescue us from ourselves on a regular basis.
It's been so amazing to work on this.  The hundreds of recipes, hundreds of medicinal remedies, over 50 plant profiles, tons of gardening information, bath & body care concoctions (with a strong accent on soap), crafting instructions, and a wonderfully stuffed chapter of herbalists talking about being herbalists - well honestly, I'd forgotten many of them and so many of them were like new to me!
Only 21 days left to pre-order HERE

On to today's preview:

The tin is a tattoo ointment. It can be used on light scrapes, sun burns, first degree burns.  It comes from Ravenwood Gardens.  If you can't wait and need it today, you can get it from

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