Monday, October 13, 2014

The Essential Herbal, November/December 2014

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Cover by Carey Jung
Field Notes
Original thought and ideas in herbalism.
Unique Holiday Season Recipes, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
A selection of delectables for the holidays.
Cutting Back, Jamie Jackson
Sometimes things don’t work out the way the books say they will.
Fire Cider—A Tradition Not a Trademark, Rosemary Gladstar
A complete explanation of what has been happening and the recipe.
6 Herbs to Fight Viruses, Sandy Michelsen
Good info for staying healthy, and a recipe for elderberry syrup.
Gift of Health for the Holidays, Heddy Johannesen
Instructions for making an herbal gift, and the lore that goes with it.
Soap Connections, Solstice Fire Soap, Marci Tsohonis
A super deluxe bar.
Fireplace Bundles, Rita Richardson
Rest by the fire with these starters, soup, and bread.
What Goes Around, “Hydraulics & Herbs” Part 2, 
Suzan T Scholl
How does that blood get around? How can you help?
The Roots are not Evil, Marita A Orr
Root medicine isn’t so scary.
Slow Medicine, Connecting Herbalism to the Food Movement, Adrian White
Food is our medicine.
Dyeing with Herbs, Michele Pfaff
Some easy dyeing tips.
Gathering an Herb Study Group, Kristine Brown
How to start a group.
Sumac, Susanna Reppert Brill
What is it and how do you use it?
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