Saturday, October 24, 2020

November December 2020 - The Essential Herbal Magazine

This is the third digital-only issue, and we've been very gratified to have so many of our readers stick with us and try to get accustomed to the new format.  Some of you have let us know that it is just fine.  Some like it better!  And of course, some of you would like us to get back to print.  That's unlikely, I'm afraid.  Instead, we'll just try to make it so good you don't notice :-) 
The "EXTRA" that we put out every other month has been very well received.  We know that there will be times when it is something small, like a puzzle or recipe/remedy, but for the time being we've got some great content to send along.



Cover, Kristine Brown

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams

Spice & Herb Holiday Treats, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
     Is this the year to try interesting dishes without the pressure of large gatherings?

Herbal Foods for Gifts & Entertaining, Alicia Allen 
     Herbal delights for entertaining and gifting

Herbal Tools, Rebekah Bailey 
     There’s time to let Santa know about these favorites

FAQ @ the Herb Farm - Pt. 2, Kathy Musser 
     Kathy shares the answers to her most commonly asked questions.

What are Bitters & Recipe, Elise Stillwell
     Information and a great recipe to give making your own bitters a whirl 

Fighting the Winter Blues with Pine, Bri Martinez 
     Health benefits of pine

Cranberry Condiments, Marci Tsohonis 
     Cranberry perfection AND you’re going to need a steam canner.  I’ve got mine!

Moringa “The Miracle Tree,” Sandy Michelsen 
     The goods on Moringa

Holly, Herb of the Holidays, Tina Sams 
     Why do we bring holly inside over the holidays?

The Gift of Solomon’s Seal, Tina Sams 
     My new favorite herb (don’t tell holy basil or elderberry), there are a lot of reasons to grow SS

Holiday Crafting, Group Article 
     Several contributors share crafts

Lichgate - Through the Lens, Jennifer Sheffield 
     How the grounds of a secluded cottage harbor space to learn to live by the seasons

Meet Our Contributors

Scents of the Season - Frankincense & Myrrh, Tina Sams 
     Precious resins remembered at Christmas