Wednesday, December 22, 2021

January/February 2022 Essential Herbal Magazine

 Another year begins!
Since we went totally digital with the magazine, the blog has been suffering.  We are also publishing a smaller "Extra" kind of tidbit for the in-between months, so believe it or not, we're still getting our footing.  There's another book in the pipeline and a bunch of other things BUT I will try to get back to the blog because I really miss it.  I kind of think Instagram got in the way more than anything, but being conscious of that may help. 

We just put the latest issue out.  You can subscribe to it HERE, or even just pick up this issue.

There's a lot of juicy content. 
We had a lot of fun putting together the opener for this, our 22nd year.

As the Solstice passes, we wish you and yours a new year filled with everything you need, and most of what you want.

See you next year!