Sunday, November 22, 2020

Stock Up and Avoid Hoarding

   Since we've gone digital, we've been sending out a small EXTRA on the in-between months.  We never know what it's going to be.  For this EXTRA, we decided to ask around on social media, and try to come up with a list for grocery shopping, and also a list of herbs to have on hand.  Having what is needed takes one thing off the list of stressors.

    Although we've been getting groceries once a week or less, and being pretty strict about doing without if we don't have it, we were pretty pleased with some of the ideas that came in and realized there were things we hadn't considered that would make our lives easier.

   Because it seems like something that might help folks who aren't accustomed to not being able to stop at the store every day or so on the way home from work, we are sharing it here and on social media.   Here they are.  We hope you will find them helpful.

Contributors for the grocery list:  *Thanks to the following contributors: Gin Dugan, Tracy Aiello, Christine Tolf, Nana Frazier, Virginia Lee Adi, Samantha Cor-win, Jodi Reinhart, Heather Níc An Fhleisdeir, Camille Cook Lee, Frances Malone, Holly O'Brien, Angela Bowman, Gail Faith Edwards, Sylett Strickland, Iris P. Weaver, Sarah Preston, Susan Hess, Marci Tsohonis, Gale LaScala, Nanette Blank, Barbara Steele

Thanks all!

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