Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Twisted Sisters Ride Again!

Some of you may know me from the old "Twisted Sisters" days. This book - The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, by Tina Sams and Maryanne Schwartz - was our first trip into the world of publishing. Well, that, and our shop newsletter.
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Well it just so happens that Maryanne and I are headed for the Ft. Wayne Soap and Candle Bee www.soapbee.com where we will be speaking on the use of herbs in soaps, setting up a vending table, and taking in the other speakers. It'll be a great opportunity for Maryanne to put her tiny handmade glass vessels (aromatherapy pendants - www.torchsongstudio.com )on public display and get some input.

This will make a great article the Sept/Oct. issue of The Essential Herbal. Last time we had an article like this was when Maureen Rogers (www.herbworld.com ) and I did a Lucy and Ethel episode, going to Herb n' Ewe, and cooking Valentine's Day Dinner for 80...driving home through a blizzard and slamming into a concrete medial barrier. Oh.... good times....

Oh and by the way, the book is available at our website.

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