Friday, October 14, 2005

Praying Mantis at the door

This afternoon as I left the soap studio at my sister's, I noticed this beauty on the doorstep.  The picture is actually turned upside-down because it was sort of lying on it's side :-(.  It was cold and rainy, and it seemed to be napping peacefully.  They are the most unusual looking bugs around here, and I could watch them for hours.... well, not this one, because it asleep, but when they climb up the window, or a plant stalk.
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We set up a space in a craft mall in Lititz today, next door to a bead shop, and across the street from.... drumroll please.... Wilbur Chocolate Company.  The smell of that chocolate on the street is intoxicating.  You can almost taste it.  When we were kids, our grandfather took us to a little park in Lititz to play and feed the giant golden carp and trout that swam in the pond there.  I didn't know at the time that a chocolate factory was SO CLOSE, and never tasted Wilbur Buds until I was about 30.  They are soooo good.  Anyhow, we set up there and are hoping it goes well.  Then we returned to the studio to resume work on our top secret holiday product.  Last week we came up with Road Apple soap.  Want to see?  Its the first item under "shop for products" on the website - .


Maryanne said...

So, that's what you were doing out there!
Sleeping, huh? Not like those deer we used to see "napping" along the road, I hope.

Tina Sams said...

Well that's a whole different thing. It's a well known factoid that deer wander near the road, become intoxicated by the scent of asphalt and vehicular fumes, and are overcome with the desire to nap. Go ahead, laugh if you like. You'll never convince me that they are not sleeping.


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