Friday, December 30, 2005

The Newest Issue is "in the mail"

The Essential Herbal Jan/Feb issue is in the mail. It will be a little while before it starts arriving at the homes of subscribers, but it will be worth the wait. This issue has more than a little of everything!

To begin with, Maureen Rogers sent an article on scented geraniums (2006 herb of the year) that leaves barely a stone unturned. Cultivation, uses, and recipes for both culinary and body care using this plant and the oil.
Bryna Tracy wrote a tutorial on Oven Hot Process Soap using milk. This is a process I've never done, but will probably be trying soon.
We did an interview with Rachel Johnston of Scent by Spirit, who has just expanded her business to the point of needing a warehouse.
Karen Mallinger lets us in on the life of an herbal columnist. She's got a real knack for seeing humor in the absurd :-).
Michele Brown is also expanding into wholesale this year, and talks about that in her column. Susanna Reppert Brill explains tea in hers.
Susan Evans gives some great advice for staying healthy this winter, and then we do a quick take on five herbs to help in another article.
Sarah Liberta tempts us once again with Sweet Potato Spice Cake. Oh my!
Oh but that isn't all! Mary Ellen Wilcox and Sam Corwin sent instructions for Valentine's Day crafting, Tina Sams put together articles on Soups and Stepping Stones, and the Yahoo list gave many suggestions on keeping the winter blues at bay.
Jerry Striker sent his favorite Elderberry Pie recipe, and Sheri Weix sent Mulled Maple Cider. Patty Sigman sent several of her favorite recipes.
We also did something new this issue - a readers' showcase. Lots of wonderful products were reviewed along with some great books.
So begins the 5th year. Each issue is filled with the offerings of many herb folk, and each issue is better than the last. Bravo to all of our contributors!

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