Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Day in the Life :-p

This morning we set out to deliver several wholesale orders. We were headed to the side of the county that I really love. Cresting a hill, we came upon the following vista. There were horses, a cow, sheep and goats all eating hay together. I thought, "what? no chickens?"
Yesterday, I passed a cow with udders so full that I told her (out loud) to get herself to the barn for milking. Then, I noticed that she was licking something on the ground - a brand new, moments old baby calf. This time of year is filled with some amazing sights around these parts.
During our travels we stopped at the most incredible yarn shop. There we spent a ton of money (mostly my sister). I got several "chunks" of wool to try my hand at felting. The most recent (Mar/Apr '06) issue of The Essential Herbal had instructions for felting soap. The idea is that you get a soap and wash cloth all in one. We came up with the idea of doing soap balls. In no time at all, there were a dozen of them drying in the warm spring sunshine. We'll see how they go at the herb festival at Landis Valley Museum next month. It was fun to do. Not practical for everyday soap, but it would be great in the right bathroom as it is very primitive looking - AND it looks great on all those soap balls we have sitting around.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog Tina. Say hi to MaryAnne for me! Those felted soap balls look so cool!!
Jackie in Orlando

Maryanne said...

The soap balls are nice, but I LOVE the first picture - something about "Peaceable Kingdom"... There's a dusty quality to it that makes it look like an old master.

It was magical in person, and somehow the picture conveys it all.

Beth said...

I love how these soaps look! You can felt rectangular bars, as well, and the felt continues shrinking as you use the soap.

People who have trouble holding on to soap and a washcloth will love these felted soaps as they're much easier to hold on to.

Even without chickens you picture of all the farm animals eating together was delightful!


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