Monday, June 19, 2006

July/August '06 issue is out!

The latest issue of The Essential Herbal is in the mail. Full of all sorts of recipes - tomatoes, roses, thyme, lavender, and lemon in particular, and lots of info on gardening and what to do with that garden bounty. Karen Hegre of Black Hills Herbs & Aromatherapy debuted a new column to help parents share their love of gardening and herbs with their kids. That should be a lot of fun. Almost as soon as the magazine was in the mail, I took a few days off to visit the beach and came back just in time to pick up the finished Wild Foods for Every Table and get the pre-ordered copies into the mail today as promised. There are still a few strays that need to go into the mail, and then we'll get serious about the move. It is getting hard to accomplish anything - with half of the office here and half there.

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