Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally got into the woods again

Yesterday was the second day in a row where we did 5 batches of soap. We really thought we'd be set for a while longer, considering all we had for the Farm Show, but this is GOOD! Bob helped Maryanne get the cutter wires all snug, so each bar looks perfect!
But I snuck out in the morning, yesterday. The woods were calling. There is so much to be done outside, but the garden got *mostly* planted on Saturday, the mowing was still to be done in the afternoon, and the woods were full of the violets I wanted for a tincture.
The first thing I noticed was the pathway down through the woods. It has been neatly mowed, which makes it so easy to get in there. Last night Bob and Maryanne went along down, and it was noted (YAY!!!) that another path that goes to the creek would be needed.
The pond is filled with golden orange fishies. The frogs and tadpoles are noisy, and the turtles float lazily on the surface.
Further into the woods, I found the spot where we planted the trilliums and the wild ginger last year. All of the trilliums have come up, and almost all of them have additional sprouts. The wild ginger is getting pretty big, despite the fact that there is an animal in the woods who just loves the ginger, and nibbles it to the ground. I was relieved, thinking that perhaps it had been killed.
All of the Bloodroot that covered the hills last week is now gone. I'm glad I got out there to see it. The spring flowers come and go so quickly.
This week it was polluted with spring beauties and trout lilies. The chickweed is lush and green. The jewelweed is up a couple of inches, putting out the second set of leaves.
We found the Dutchmen's Breeches that we planted last year! It has spread all over the little area where we put a few plants. I was VERY excited to see that. The bluebells don't appear to have made it, but we'll get more and put them in a place that we can keep an eye on them. I think the deer ate them last year. Something dragged them out of the ground, and although we replanted them, it looks like they didn't "take".
And as if that all isn't good enough, this morning there was a rainbow right outside the back door. Within moments of waking, there was rain and I noticed the sun. I thought, "where is the rainbow, then?" and looked out to see one!
I just love this time of year!!!

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