Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Some of the Herb Beads from the Class

We've been working away in the "classroom". This class is so much fun. The participants keep coming up with new ideas I'd never thought of, and that is the best. I get to learn a lot too.

My sister is a very talented jewelry maker, so we've had a ball playing with the results, and her incredible collection of beads and findings.
Some of the things we've made are pictured here.
The first picture is a group of different necklaces. The longest is made from lavender beads, with a fringy pendant compiled of glass, lampwork, and herb beads. Slightly shorter is an herb bead that she put together with some copper doodads to make a pendant. And right above that is a bracelet that has little butterfly beads that are drilled twice, allowing for multiple strands.

Next up is a pendant that she put together. The herb bead is one I made with patchouli herb - and into the mix I shaved some amber resin. It smells wonderful! The lampwork winged heart is made with amber colored glass. The combo is really gorgeous.

She saw a piece made with wire squiggles, and decided to try wrapping a large lampwork bead with some copper wire, a couple of herb beads, and some random beads of other materials. Kinda kooky, kinda nice.
We're still in the middle of the class. I have an experimental batch drying now - using a method that someone suggested. I am LOVING this group.


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Aquarian Bath said...

Don't you have an herb bead making book on your site Tina?

Tina Sams said...

we came out with a new one just a few months ago - along with the pre-blended bead powders...