Friday, February 08, 2008

Why so quiet, you ask?

It seems a little quiet around here, doesn't it? Could that be for lack of activity? Are we hibernating? Nah, nothing like that...

On Monday several of us gathered at the Int'l Gift Show in NYC. Sarah and Kara from Herbs of the Labyrinth and Radiance rode up with us on the train, and we met Rosanne from Sun Rose Aromatics there. It was lots of fun to see all the new lines being rolled out, and the Extracts show was running at the same time. We spent our time in Extracts and Hand Made. It was a wonderful change of pace! Got to see new packaging, new colors, and new products. We came away with a ton of ideas!

The Mar/Apr issue arrived and is being prepped for mailing. Another issue with 4 extra pages. Now I *know* that the title Editor should mean that I could get this thing down to the promised 32 pages each issue, and we even considered dividing the one featured article over two issues, but it just pains me to take any of the good stuff out. Besides, there's lots of advertising to make up for and we had the highest subscription and renewal rate ever (by a good bit!) between issues. Maybe we should all get a little reward for that.

Also, we're working on a new book. One of two in a series, to be exact. It is taking a lot of time, but it is going to be so worth it! The idea has been stewing for a while, and I thought it would be good - until getting started. Now I'm so excited about it I could bust! Still, we're keeping it under our hat just a little longer.

Additionally, we're getting close to the completion date on the renovation on the house, and that means getting things tied up at my brother's old house, cleaning, packing... you all know the drill. Not fun, but everything seems to be on a timetable.

By the way, while the southern part of the country was struggling with horrendous storms, we had some peculiar weather of our own.

During the afternoon, a rare February thunderstorm rolled in. Sitting in the living room, I watched the storm roll and over the house. Out the front windows, a huge double rainbow appeared, and I was able to see both the beginning and the end. The second bow isn't visible in this shot.

Later that night a severe storm appeared out of nowhere. I caught the thunderhead as it approached. 10 minutes later it was daylight again.

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