Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stacks in the Racks, Piles in the Aisles!

They're HERE!!!
The books got here today and they have taken over the sunporch. This will seem odd to some, but it just never dawned on me when we placed the order that a skidload of books might change the aesthetics of the house. Most of them are stacked in this corner that was cleared yesterday in anticipation.

We hurried to get several boxes unpacked, signed, and into the waiting mailers. We even made it to the post office before they closed. The clerk looked frightened until we assured her that they were all ready, with postage affixed.

A few more boxes will go to the Landis Valley Herb Faire, and then we can settle in to our everyday stuff of getting the next issue together, making soaps and herbal preparations, and gardening. We might even be able to squeeze in a visit to the wildflower preserve!

Ah... I can't wait to get back into the garden. The chamomile that I "rescued" from a construction site last year has sprawled over it's bed and from the office I can see plump white buds ready to spring open. The other day I noticed an abundance of larkspur plants that were returning as volunteers from the beauties that were planted last year. The pink balloon flowers are up, and the chives are ready to bloom. More importantly, the mugwort is getting a firm grip on things, and there is a nasty little strangling vine popping up that snaps at the root when you try to pull it.
Oh! And the peas need something to climb!
I can't help it though... this book is really exciting. It has already had a huge response, and I just can't wait to share it with others and see what they think. If it's any indication, my brother-in-law was reading away earlier this afternoon. That's an enormous endorsement - lol.

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Laura said...

That stack of books is AWESOME!!!!

Can't wait to get my copy! Woo hoo!